HIRI: Street furniture · Sculptures

About Discover the company

Hiri is a street furniture company in Vitoria-Gasteiz.
Street furniture is one of the primary ways the public relates with public space.

Well designed street furniture makes it easier for people to integrate into the city. It can create a relationship with the city in an orderly and comfortable way and, in short, a more humane urban space.

With a work philosophy based in innovation, user orientation and quality, Hiri designs and develops urban elements to fit people and that respect their environment. They believe environmental sustainability and accessibility are basic criteria.

Commitment to the public and the urban space also requires designing creative and functional objects that meet people's needs and contribute to building a beautiful and liveable city.

Detail oriented design of installation systems and exquisite care in choosing materials and finishes makes it possible for the installation and maintenance of the items to be done with a minimal impact on the natural operation of the city.

HIRI's technical capacity and team make it possible for them to design and develop special bespoke furniture projects for the needs of every setting.