Grupo Regui is a group of companies and commercial brands that, with the passage of time, has become more complete which has made it able to provide a wide ranging production process for the corporate image, metal fabrication, machining, decoration and building fit-out sectors.
Since 1978, Grupo Regui, has had a family business philosophy, which it has adapted over the years to a dramatically changing and highly demanding market.
With a highly qualified human team, a high quality product and very well defined finishes we're capable of taking on any project with absolute confidence and a total guarantee.
Grupo Regui can handle the complete process of a project, from studying and defining our client's needs to production and installation anywhere in the Iberian peninsula, southern France or the islands.
The enthusiasm and tenacity with which we do our projects always has an emotional part dedicated to our founder Mr. Ángel Ramírez Salazar. Our deep thanks for everything.